CheckOne2 Version 2.0

Welcome to the new home of CheckOne2!  It’s been a long road with many roadblocks but we finally settled on a system that can grow with us for several years.  Why we updated you ask?  Well, we wanted a site we could make quick updates to, and also provide up to date information that can help our clients in their event process.  We are DJs first, but when you have done as many events as us, you find yourself being able to offer very valuable help on Venues, Vendors, Decor, etc.  While we don’t want to replace your favorite vendor or planner out there, we do want to educate you on what makes  our parties great and if you are booking us, it’s because of the vibe we create.  So welcome to the new site, look around, read the FAQs, check out our favorite vendors and let us know if anything is not working.  It’s a work in progress.

Terry Bowens



Attention: DJ’S, MC’s and Dancers

CheckOne2 Entertainment has grown to leaps and bounds in just a few short years. With such growth we have a few jobs available. CheckOne2 is currently auditioning DJ’s, MCs, and Male dancers to give them coaching.

All Dj’s must have their own deck (Tables Mixer and Laptop). We will provide the rest. DJ’s must know how to mix flawlessly, have an open mind and vast knowledge of all types of music. “NO EGO ALLOWED!!!” Be willing to commit your saturday nights to us.

Female dancers must have HUGE, fun, upbeat and positive personalities. Your personality is worth more to us then your dance skill. We are looking for a certain type of person that produces amazing amounts of energy naturally. We will teach you everything else. “NO DIVAS ALLOWED” Be willing to commit your Saturday nights to us as well.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CheckONE2 Ent please call 818-584-8884 or emailcontact@checkone2ent.com

We are looking forward to meeting you.

CheckONE2 Ent Staff..


A Message from a Client

The Magic in CheckOne2

It all starts with the look… black with white sparkling accents from head to toe. 

There’s the music – The dj spinning, weaving and patching together one heart beating, base thumping, smile making, body moving song after another.

And, of course, The dancers – moving, smiling, feeling, engaging, flowing, whipping the energy of the music throughout the crowd they help shape. 

Then, front and center, in the crowd…everywhere – it’s The MC. Aided by his magnetic smile, that coy look he’s perfected, and the slight tilt of the hat, he scans the audience and shapes the party. 

He flows with the music, rolling, sliding, and slipping through the beat, wrapping the microphone like a wand in his hand, using it sparingly, yet eloquently and effectively to orchestrate.

He’s at once a leader, an impresario, a conductor, a dance partner, a singer in the band, and a bodyguard watching over and insuring the best time – ever. 

If you need a breather and stop for just long enough to catch the show behind the show, you can’t help but notice that the real “Magic in CheckOne2” is the passion – the passion of entertainment professionals who absolutely, positively loves what they do.

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