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There are a lot of questions that come up on a given call.  A lot of these questions can be answered rather easily.  This FAQ page will be consistently updated to reflect any new changes that come up.

Where are your prices? How much do you cost?

This is a common question and the answer is, it’s all FREE!  No but seriously, we don’t put our prices up merely for competitive reasons.  If you want to see our prices, just click on the Request a brochure right up top.

What if I don’t want something in a package? Can I remove it?

The packages are designed to give you everything you need for your event.  The basic necessities of any event are: Sound System, Dance Floor Lighting, DJ, MC, (sometimes one in the same if your event is a Wedding) and if necessary, dancers.  All Bar Mitzvahs require a minimum of a DJ and MC.  As you move up in packages we do increase the amount and variety of lighting, (but we can always modify based upon your needs), and the number of dancers.  Speaking of dancers.

Why do I need Dancers?  They don’t do anything and they are annoying…

We’ve all experienced parties where the dancers didn’t do anything but stand there and yes, they were very annoying.  We don’t contract with those dancers.  Our dancers are skilled in their specific dance discipline and are extensions of the MC.  This is why they are necessary.  The MC can’t be everywhere at one time. That’s where the dancers come in.  They are responsible for the majority of on-the-floor crowd management, grabbing the guest of honor for the grand entrance, passing out party favors and motivating the crowd.  The MC does that too but what you don’t want, or I should say we don’t want, is an MC that spends your entire night blabbing on the mic directing your party like cattle.  We believe in a more subtle approach.

How many dancers do I need?  I only have x amount of guests…

We know, when it’s all said and done, a Bar Mitzvah can be horribly expensive and when you are able to cut corners, it’s probably in the best interest of your  personal and financial livelihood and let’s not forget…sanity.  While cutting corners on chairs, or choosing buffet over plated may be easy choices, skimping on entertainment can ruin your event.  We understand that the DJ, besides the guest of honor and of course the religious milestone of becoming a man/woman, is the single most important aspect of your event.   The DJ company can make or break the party.  CheckOne2, at its core, is good because of the people we contract.  Our MCs would not be as good if it weren’t for the dancers and DJs backing them up.  In other words, dancers are a necessity and we only recommend the amount you need, no more, no less.  You can get by with less dancers, but less dancers typically mean less control.  Of course, on smaller events we do modify depending on the amount of guests.

We want an MC with lots of energy that can keep the party going

Yes, not sure I need to say anything else on this one, except, if they couldn’t provide this basic skill, they would not work your event. However, that does bring us to our next FAQ

We want our party to rock! We want our guests dancing the ENTIRE TIME!

So do we, with some caveats of course. We want to ensure your party goes to the end.  That means that your guests will most likely need to take a break at some point.  While going hard for 3 to 4 hours is stuff everyone aspires to, it’s not realistic and can have drastic consequences on your event.  Have you ever danced for 3 to 4 hours without stopping?  This leads to one inevitable action, people burning out early.  We don’t want that, which is why breaks are necessary, but we are skilled at hiding them throughout the night.  You won’t event know you are taking a break.  We’d rather have a packed dance floor during every dance set than scattered guests the entire night.  Speaking of Dance floor

We want to illuminate the room with 20 gobos, 40 uplights and 25 pinspots all aimed at the dance floor. 

This is a Bar Mitzvah so you guys are pretty young and, if you are choosing us, hip. 🙂 Have you been to a few night clubs in the past 10 years?  Have you noticed anything similar about them?  Anything?  Need a hint?


Every night club uses the dance lighting to illuminate the room.  There are a couple of reasons behind this.  1. The rooms are horribly disgusting and if you saw them with the lights on, you wouldn’t go back…but I digress.  2. People don’t like to dance in the spotlight, unless you’re Justin Timberlake.  There is a reason people sing in the shower and not in front of their friends, just like there is a reason people prefer to dance in groups in a dimly lit room.  It’s makes them less self conscious that maybe they are not the best dancer or the craziest, but they are there, having a good time.  When you design your room with 75 lights hitting the walls and dance floor, you are potentially alienating some of your guests without even knowing it.  Lighting is important, but too much lighting kills the energy in the room.

My family and guest like the greatest hits of Engelbert Humperdinck. Please play that all night long.

Engelbert is a great artist. I actually like him.  I can’t tell you how many times I dropped one of his tracks and the crowd went off!  Honestly, I can’t tell you, because that never happens.  Okay that may sound a little harsh.  What I’m trying to say is, things we enjoy in an isolated environment may not be the things we enjoy in a group.  As DJs we are masters at reading crowds.  We take your musical choices and incorporate them into the flow of your event.  So while you may not be a fan of Earth Wind and Fire, or the Beatles, or Cardi B, your guest may be.  We are going to play the music that keeps your guest on the floor while retaining the “vibe” you want.  We will play Engelbert, but maybe that will be reserved for cocktail hour or dinner, unless I can find a ridiculous remix.