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Picking a Venue for your next Event and things to Avoid when choosing it

You need a party or are planning a special event ?

You need to check this website, You think you know what a good MC is? Our MCs at CheckOne2 have over 30 years of combined crowd pleasing experience. From the silky smooth wedding MC, to the high energy Bar Mitzvah MC, we have an MC to fit your needs. With the advent of technology, it has meant that a complete novice can turn a video production hobby into a legitimate business. However, when you are running a business, you can check out websites with cool layouts to increase business productivity. It is true that being a business professional you may not have time to become an expert in this field, and if you are looking to commission a corporate marketing video your company, you will be best using the services of a professional company.

We have from your very own custom grand entrance music, to high energy lighting, our add-ons are designed to distinguish you from the pack. Ask about our Multi Add-on Discount Pricing . Also we work with the best security company in Melbourne to maintain a peaceful event and manage the persons in it, you can be relax as you won’t need to stress about this area, you will just have fun and us will keep you event safe.

We provide different type of services and work with different type of partnerships with, entertainment, lightning, night life accessories and many more, we can even add a jumper from Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center and make a dynamic party for your family or friends.

We’ve all experienced parties where the dancers didn’t do anything but stand there and yes, they were very annoying. We don’t contract with those dancers. Our dancers are skilled in their specific dance discipline and are extensions of the MC. This is why they are necessary. The MC can’t be everywhere at one time. That’s where the dancers come in. They are responsible for the majority of on-the-floor crowd management, grabbing the guest of honor for the grand entrance, passing out party favors and motivating the crowd. The MC does that too but what you don’t want, or I should say we don’t want, is an MC that spends your entire night blabbing on the mic directing your party like cattle. We believe in a more subtle approach.

CheckOne2 dancers are an extension of the MC, trained to respond and react to any of the clients needs. Not only are they amazing entertainers, but amazing people too.

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